Meet the Team

We're a team who loves connecting the right people to the right job. Whether you're an employer looking to hire or an individual hoping to find a meaningful career, we are here to help.

Our team of professionals is hard-working yet compassionate and empathetic. We'll bend over backward to make sure your job openings are filled with dedicated team members ready to bring value to your company and embody its mission.

Kristen Dressler is the owner of Team Builder Recruiting and she lives near Ronks, PA, where she helps find the right candidates right the right positions and employers the right candidates.

Kristen Dressler

Owner & Lead Recruiter

Kristen loves talking with business owners and hiring managers to get to the heart of what they need in a job candidate and to help them identify what makes their company a unique place to work.

Day in and day out, Kristen works with her team to find qualified candidates that have the personality, skills, and aptitudes required for the position and match the unique culture of the employer.

Kristen loves a lot of things. But when it comes to her job, she loves asking questions. Her desire is to get to know her client companies and job candidates—who they are and what they are looking for to ensure the right people are matched with the right positions. Kristen also loves educating clients. She believes in keeping clients up to speed regarding the temperature of the current job market and industry competition as well as the best ways to attract the most qualified and fitting candidates.

Kristen is passionate about organizational health and leadership because companies that focus on getting the right people in the right seats have high performing teams and great employee retention. Kristen's favorite book that she recommends relentlessly is The Ideal Team Player by Patrick Lencioni.

Fun fact: Kristen has a Masters of Education in School Counseling, but ironically, never worked a single day in a school. She realized early on that she loved career counseling and took a winding career path into recruiting. She has thoroughly enjoyed the journey.

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Amy Grube is our Recruiting Specialist who helps discover the right positions for candidates and line them up with best employers for their role.

Amy Grube

Recruiting Specialist

Amy contacts and screens potential candidates for job positions at local companies. Her goal is to determine the right person for each job opening every time. Because she loves serving the community by connecting talented people with growing companies, her job feels more like pleasure than work.

Amy's strengths lie in connecting and communicating with others, whether it's the candidate or the employer. She excels at understanding what employers need, grasping what the company's culture is like, and figuring out what type of person would thrive in specific job roles and team environments.

Having an extremely organized Type A personality, Amy enjoys helping to develop hiring and onboarding processes for companies who need assistance.

Fun fact: Amy is a classically trained pianist and has been playing piano for over 20 years. Also, she won a national title in Trapshooting (one of the three major disciplines of competitive clay pigeon shooting) at the Grand American in 2002 for the Doubles Event.

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Gail Errickson matches qualified behavioral and mental health professionals specifically as her field of specialty.

Gail Errickson

Mental and Behavioral Health Recruiting Specialist

Gail, a graduate of Thomas Edison State College with a Bachelor's degree in Human Services and a specialization in Mental Health and Rehabilitation, matches qualified behavioral and mental health professionals with employment opportunities that will showcase their abilities and talents.

Gail finds it a pleasure to speak with the candidate and to uncover and discuss their personal and professional talents and goals. She knows that employees that are driven and focused are most often the ones who best serve their employers and enjoy working with coworkers.

Fun fact: Gail loves spending time with her girlfriends at the local coffee shops. Friends and coffee never fail to fill her heart with joy and happiness.

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Monica Deckman.jpg

Monica Deckman

Recruiting Specialist

Monica is responsible for reviewing resumes, sourcing talent, interviewing candidates both over the phone and in person, communicating with clients, and managing job postings. It's a lot of work, but it's right up her alley.

One of her greatest strengths in recruiting is her ability to recognize transferable skills. She's also pretty good at identifying applicant/employer compatibility early in the interview process.

Fun fact: Although you may not be able to tell upon meeting her for the first time, Monica is an introvert. While she may be a quiet observer at times, she feels most comfortable around extroverts.

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Jamie Renshaw does phone screening and review how qualified a candidate is when they come to Team Builder Recruiting for assistance.

Jaime Renshaw

Recruiting Specialist

Jaime assists companies with finding the perfect candidate for their company. She reviews resumes, contacts candidates that fit the job description, conducts phone screenings, and forwards essential information of the most qualified candidates to companies for further consideration.

Because she loves helping people and seeing them succeed, Jaime wakes up every day excited to connect skilled individuals who are ready and excited to work with growing companies that are seeking great employees.

Fun fact: Jaime has a green thumb and puts it to good use in her backyard garden. On top of that, she's a die-hard family gal. She loves spending time with her family every moment she gets.

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Amy Baxter.jpg

Amy Baxter

Staffing Specialist

Amy, a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, works with our behavioral and mental health providers. She manages job postings, reviews resumes, and screens potential candidates to connect them with positions that match their education, experience, and personal strengths.

Amy enjoys getting to know candidates—their skills, passions, values, and personality—the things that resumes often fail to capture adequately. She loves that AH-HA moment when she can connect an individual to a job that she knows is a great match. Amy has always liked helping people, so assisting both job seekers and employers is right up her alley.

Fun Fact: Amy loves baking for her family and friends—especially at Christmas!—and she enjoys running to unwind and clear her mind.

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Debbie Lupacckino.jpg

Debbie Lupacckino

Recruiting Assistant

With over 13 years of experience as a Human Resource Assistant, Debbie is a resume expert who knows how to look beyond the words on a page and into the heart of a person. She’s also adept at conducting background searches on candidates through both the judicial system and social media.

Debbie enjoys the challenge of finding the right candidate for the right position. Everyone has a niche—job seekers and companies—that’s why she enjoys helping each find the perfect match.

Fun Fact: Family and quality time together means everything to Debbie. She loves being “Grammy” to a grandson who she couldn't adore more. Also, Debbie has dual citizenship—she’s proud to call both Bermuda and the United States home.

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